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The Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation (MLKEDC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975. The mission of MLKEDC is the revitalization of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard with historical, commercial and entertainment facilities so that it may become a tourist destination for the City of Miami, while paying homage to Dr. King, Jr. and the values he advocated for during his lifetime.

The Lincoln Square Business Center located on the southwest corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and 7th Avenue was looted and vandalized during the 1980's civil disturbance. This disturbance left roughly 10 people dead, nearly 300 hundred injured and nearly 100 million in damages; mostly in Miami's predominantly African American Liberty City area. In an effort to revitalize this riot torn neighborhood the Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation acquired the property in 1982.

The complex was renovated and renamed the Martin Luther King Business Center. The property now, because of age, changes in the building codes, and deterioration will be demolished and rebuilt to meet the current needs of the businesses and residents in the 7th Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard area. Five million dollars for the development of the Martin Luther King Business Center was included in the 2004, Building Better Communities Bond Program approved by the voters of Miami-Dade County.

The agency has made great strides through projects such as the redevelopment of Edison Plaza which provides employment for more than 200 people within our community, the 1.5 million beautification of our streetscapes and the implementation of much needed programs to assist the most underserved in our neighborhoods.

The agency has identified that the path to sustainable community development depends on low-income residents becoming part of the solution to the problem of poverty, crime and unsafe deteriorating neighborhoods, rather than being part of the problem. Economic self-sufficiency and the ownership of assets have been determined to be th strategic pathway for poor people to be empowered to set goals, realize dreams, stabilize families and neighborhood and improve the lives of our children.    

With the help of individuals and businesses we welcome your support so we can continue to strive for the best for the children and families living in the LibertyCity/Model City community. Your donation will help us to provide